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Upptime (https://upptime.js.org) is the open-source uptime monitor and status page, powered entirely by GitHub Actions and Issues.

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📈 Live Status: 🟨 Partial outage

URL Status History Response Time Uptime
Google 🟩 Up google.yml 88ms Uptime 100.00%
Wikipedia 🟩 Up wikipedia.yml 133ms Uptime 100.00%
Hacker News 🟩 Up hacker-news.yml 341ms Uptime 100.00%
Broken Site 🟥 Down broken-site.yml 0ms Uptime 99.28%
Secret Site 🟩 Up secret-site.yml 49ms Uptime 100.00%

This README is also available in 🇧🇷 Brazilian Portuguese

⭐ How it works

  • GitHub Actions is used as an uptime monitor
    • Every 5 minutes, a workflow visits your website to make sure it’s up
    • Response time is recorded every 6 hours and committed to git
    • Graphs of response time are generated every day
  • GitHub Issues are used for incident reports
    • An issue is opened if an endpoint is down
    • People from your team are assigned to the issue
    • Incidents reports are posted as issue comments
    • Issues are locked so non-members cannot comment on them
    • Issues are closed automatically when your site comes back up
    • Slack notifications are sent on updates
  • GitHub Pages are used for the status website
    • A simple, beautiful, and accessible PWA is generated
    • Built with Svelte and Sapper
    • Fetches data from this repository using the GitHub API

Screenshot of status website

💝 Who’s using Upptime

upptime/.github KieranHolroyd/monitoring kong67/status dlunch/upptime fjoker/upptime doggy0425/monitoring phg98/upptime nhammond101/upptime gwanryo/upptime bigwing/upptime PH4NTOMiki/uptime-checker jeongsk/upptime theleetax/uptime nemchik/uptime.nemplex crazyuploader/upp tadacodes/tada-uptime Garagist/upptime SOLPLPARTY/upptime empmdk/upptime amblerkr/upptime godong9/gdgo bbonkr/uptime giftcardbd/status jjeaby/mew fullprofile/status_monitor Jolg42/upptime 9min/upptime ffsh/uptime Melangebox/status jeremywall/v2-api-status JonathanTreffler/status OswaldLabsOpenSource/status kyupark/upptime picchiosat/HBLink-Uptime jacobdubail/wo-monitor lincolnthedev/classi-status ludicroushq/upptime cubi-io/upptime brianjhanson/upptime-test cocktail-lucas/cocktail-upptime hada-io/upptime jeyraof/otzil-upptime kt-chelsea/status koj-co/status AnandChowdhary/status Cleverclip/status chowdhary-org/status mapeaks/mapeaks.github.io sebastianroming/status.webmonkey.io armand1m-development/status jtprog/status.jtprog.ru classtinginc/upptime intakefoods/status.intakefoods.kr arkk4/services.arkk4.com EnsembleTravelGroup/EnsembleTravelUpptime r2fresh/chelsea coinsambacom/upptime camphor-/status rmateu/statuspage p1ass/status AiLingGo/mew fmmaia/fmAtAllUptime BotSauce/status severnbronies/status RafGamer/rafgamer-status avioli/ionata.com.au-uptime Cravemob/mog-status fixator10/status Linkspring/upptime Shulert/status absk1317/uptime pavelloz/instances-uptime TMShader/szlamingo-amongus Voffkin1337/60x7upptime ton-actions/freeton-status xoff1337/xoff1337 MisterSingh/Uptime espressotutorials/et-status jsjsjsjsjsjsjsjs/uptime lightcyde/upptime HoscoHarding/P-ginasPrueba tavy315/upptime xhemj/upptime baealex/upptime M17-Project/upptime butteryoon/liveseeyou jgamblin/upptime stethoscope-js/status belhyun/yonsei-upptime mikesprague/skydark-status snapwiki/SnapWikiUptime eartharoid-bot/status humanscape/service-status mue/status wakatime/statuspage

👩‍💻 Documentation

  1. How it works
  2. Getting started
  3. Configuration
  4. Triggers
  5. Notifications
  6. Badges
  7. Packages
  8. Contributing


Issues as incidents

When the GitHub Actions workflow detects that one of your URLs is down, it automatically opens a GitHub issue (example issue #15). You can add incident reports to this issue by adding comments. When your site comes back up, the issue will be closed automatically as well.

Commits for response time

Four times per day, another workflow runs and records the response time of your websites. This data is commited to GitHub, so it’s available in the commit history of each file (example commit history). Then, the GitHub API is used to graph the response time history of each endpoint and to track when a site went down.

📄 License

Unauthorized reproduction of this site is prohibited, and offenders will be held accountable for their legal responsibilities.
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