• Desktop environment in the browser.

    To Do High Explorer Filename should truncate when too long Focus Reopening app changes foreground id but not focus Icons Dragging should go in front of windows Files Uploaded files not working on reload for PDF/ODT Windows Initial load maximized if dimensions > screen Medium Start Menu START MENU click to toggle button bar Windows Save maximized state on close Fix missing exit animation on windowless apps Re-render maximized window on layout/orientation changes Icons Store icon positions Fix 3rd line truncation (hiding overflow cuts off shadow) Fix single long line not truncating Focus Winamp titlebar not properly focused on load Files Store uploaded file stats PDF & ODF Viewers Finish UI’s / Add Controls Low File Manager Resizable/sortable/scrollable columns Modified date/time Expandable tree-view of directories (List & Menu View) Toolbars Back, Forward, Refresh, Zoom & Home Buttons Address & Search Inputs Taskbar On restore, refocus on window, not on taskbar entry Icons Switch to grid layout WebODF icon for doc types ClippyJS Clean up code and move to hooks DOS Add buttons for virtual keyboard and saving Feedback Dragging acts odd when Blog iframe is open Blog iframe glitches out of window on Safari Unfocus of start menu is inconsistent on Safari Mobile Safari issues with start button

    star:388 fork:19 x 2020
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