• Self-hosted IPTV/NVR/CCTV/Video service

    We recommend to use FastoCloud PRO Media Part version FastoCloud Media Part About FastoCloud Features: Cross-platform (Linux, MacOSX, FreeBSD, Raspbian/Armbian, Windows) GPU/CPU Encode/Decode/Post Processing Stream statistics CCTV Adaptive hls streams Load balancing Temporary urls HLS push EPG scanning Subtitles to text conversions AD insertion Logo overlay Video effects Relays Timeshifts Catchups Playlists Restream/Transcode from online streaming services like YouTube, Twitch Mosaic Many Outputs Physical Inputs (IP Camera, DVB-T/C/S, ATSC, ISDB-T and DTMB) Streaming Protocols File Formats Presets Vods/Series server-side support Pay per view channels Channels on demand HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) server-side support Public API, client server communication via JSON RPC Protocol gzip compression Deep learning video analysis Supported deep learning frameworks: Tensorflow NCSDK Caffe ML Hardware: Intel Movidius Neural Compute Stick NVIDIA Jetson Subscribers control Amazon Kinesis Video Streams integration Admin panel Docker Image Use cases: Broadcast media content Monetize Media content, own branded apps YouTube remove AD Insert your logo to the stream, watermark Record/Timeshift video Play own playlist Mosaic, view many streams in same time on single window Video effects in streams or files Insert AD into stream Subtitles to text conversions and vise versa EPG scanning Streams find bot, with quality analysis, test m3u file streams Record and broadcast video from cameras Detect objects in real-time video and send email/push notifications Objects classification, open doors, time tracking, lock/unlock devices Fire/Smoke detection with notifications CCTV Monitoring service Screen recording Personal branded video apps Own video streaming platform on web, tablet and TV Visit our site: fastocloud.

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