• The Index is an open source pick and place machine.

    Index PnP The Index Pick and Place is an open source pick and place machine to aid in Mid-Scale Manufacturing. This project is under development. It is not currently in a stable state.

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  • The official website of the Rocky Linux Project.

    rockylinux.org The Rocky Linux landing page, built using Hugo and TailwindCSS. Requirements Hugo NodeJS Installing Dependencies Dependencies can be installed for you by simpling running npm install within the repo directory.

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  • Yosys Open SYnthesis Suite

    yosys -- Yosys Open SYnthesis Suite Copyright (C) 2012 - 2020 Claire Wolf <claire@symbioticeda.com> Permission to use, copy, modify, and/or distribute this software for any purpose with or without fee is hereby granted, provided that the above copyright notice and this permission notice appear in all copies.

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  • /getmeli/meli

    How it works Sign-in and create your organization Create a site in your dashboard, say my-site Upload a release with the @getmeli/meli CLI Setup my-domain.com to point to your Meli server at my-site.

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  • GNU Emacs / N Λ N O - Emacs made simple

    GNU Emacs / N Λ N O GNU Emacs / N Λ N O is a set of configuration files for GNU Emacs such as to provide a nice and consistent look and feel as shown below.

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  • This repository contains the source code for the paper First Order Motion Model for Image Animation

    First Order Motion Model for Image Animation This repository contains the source code for the paper First Order Motion Model for Image Animation by Aliaksandr Siarohin, Stéphane Lathuilière, Sergey Tulyakov, Elisa Ricci and Nicu Sebe.

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  • 数据接口:百度、谷歌、头条、微博指数,宏观数据,利率数据,货币汇率,千里马、独角兽公司,新闻联播文字稿,影视票房数据,高校名单,疫情数据…

    gopup (python3) 建议安装方法 pip install gopup 升级方法 pip install gopup --upgrade GoPUP 支持Python 3.7+,旨在使获取数据尽可能方便,主要用于学术研究目的。 GoPUP 项目所采集的数据皆来自公开的数据源,不涉及任何个人隐私数据和非公开数据。 同时本项目提供的数据接口及相关数据仅用于学术研究,任何个人、机构及团体使用本项目的数据接口及相关数据请注意商业风险。 文档:中文文档 快速开始 import gopup as gp df = gp.weibo_index(word="疫情", time_type="1hour") print(df) 数据仓库 指数数据 微博指数数据 百度指数数据 百度搜索数据 百度资讯指数 百度媒体指数 百度需求图谱 百度人群画像年龄分布 百度人群画像性别分布 百度人群画像兴趣分布 头条指数数据 头条指数数据 头条相关性分析 头条情感分析 头条地域分析 头条城市分析 头条年龄分析 头条性别分析 头条用户阅读兴趣分类 谷歌指数数据 谷歌指数数据 谷歌事实查证 宏观数据 中国宏观数据 中国宏观杠杆率数据 货币汇率数据 利率数据 Shibor数据 Shibor报价数据 Shibor均值数据 LPR数据 新经济公司 千里马公司 独角兽公司 倒闭公司 商业特许经营公司 信息数据 新闻联播文字稿 生活数据 中国油价数据 汽柴油历史调价信息 调价日的地区油价历史数据 百度迁徙数据 迁入与迁出地详情 迁徙规模 诗词数据 唐代诗人 唐诗数据 影视数据 实时电影票房数据 单日电影票房数据 单日影院票房数据 实时电视剧播映指数 实时综艺播映指数 艺人商业价值 艺人流量价值 全国高校 全国普通高等学校名单 全国成人高等学校名单 全国高等学校详情数据 疫情数据 网易疫情数据 丁香园疫情数据 疫情历史数据 百度疫情数据 版本更新 0.

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  • /rocky-linux/infrastructure

    Infrastructure We will add more data here soon ansible -> All ansible playbooks, modules, etc are here scripts -> Scripts for infrastructure go here tests -> Repo specific tests utils -> Utilities focused for infrastructure or testing this repo Contributions See a place for improvement?

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  • [DEPRECATED] An Unofficial E-Hentai Application for Android

    DEPRECATED EhViewer 这是一个 E-Hentai Android 平台的浏览器。 An E-Hentai Application for Android. Screenshot Build Windows > git clone https://github.com/seven332/EhViewer > cd EhViewer > gradlew app:assembleDebug Linux $ git clone https://github.

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  • An app showing Typesense Search in action on a 2M recipe database

    🍳 Recipe Search, powered by Typesense This is a demo that showcases some of Typesense’s features using a 2 Million database of recipes. View it live here: recipe-search.typesense.org Tech Stack This search experience is powered by Typesensewhich is a blazing-fast, open sourcetypo-tolerant search-engine.

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  • Visual Studio Code

    Visual Studio Code - Open Source (“Code - OSS”) The Repository This repository ("Code - OSS") is where we (Microsoft) develop the Visual Studio Code product. Not only do we work on code and issues here, we also publish our roadmap, monthly iteration plans, and our endgame plans.

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  • A simple macOS Virtualisation.framework wrapper

    Virtualization.framework tool (vftool) Here lies a really minimalist and very noddy command-line wrapper to run VMs in the macOS Big Sur Virtualization.framework. Vftool runs Linux virtual machines with virtio block, network, entropy and console devices.

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  • About Xray / V2Ray( vmess/vless )、Shadowsocks、Trojan 通用客户端(Windows),可自动维持稳定上网 - 代理服务器异常自动切换,并提供一键部署代理服务端工具,使用 aardio 编写,绿色便携版免安装仅5MB、不需要.Net等外部运行库。

    winXray 本软件源码已贡献到公共领域并放弃版权,源码可使用 aardio(开发环境仅6.5MB) 编译生成单文件绿色EXE( 不需要.Net等任何外部运行库 ),点这里下载 ( 64位版本 / 32位版本 ),解压即可直接使用( 仅 5.0MB - 已自带 Xray-core)。 winXray:loud_sound: 是一个简洁稳定的 Xray/V2Ray(vmess/vless/xtls)、Shadowsocks、Trojan 通用客户端(Windows系统),可自动检测并连接访问速度最快的代理服务器。服务器连接异常时可以自动更换代理服务器 - 再也不用担心服务器抽风了。winXray 也提供一键安装 XRay(V2Ray、Shadowsocks、Trojan) 服务器工具。 这里说明一下,简洁不等于功能弱。一般人只是为了上个网加个速用不上太复杂的小众功能。太复杂同时就会带来不稳定、且不必要的占用资源并同时降低性能,所以 winXray 做了大量的优化、精简,但是并没有减少主要的、必要的代理服务器功能。 分享链接格式: vless://服务器密码@域名或IP:端口?flow=&tls=&network=&security=&sni=&host=&path=&allowInsecure=&alpn=&disableSessionResumption=#服务器描述

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  • Bot Auto Checkout Flashsale Shopee Promo (Botacs Pro)

    Botacs Pro (Bot Auto Checkout Flashsale Shopee Promo) Versi : 1 Dev by : Ananda Rauf Maududi. Dev date : 12 November 2020. Versi 2 : https://github.com/AnandaRauf/BotacsPro---Bot-Auto_Checkout-Flashsale-Shopee-Promo/releases/tag/2 Updated dokumen readme.md (OS itu standard library Python 3.

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  • Gives criticality score for an open source project

    Open Source Project Criticality Score (Beta) This project is maintained by members of the Securing Critical Projects WG. Goals Generate a criticality score for every open source project.

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  • A CLI utility to help people secure a PlayStation 5 (PS5).

    Get My PS5 A simple command line interface (CLI) utility that checks for PlayStation 5 (disc or digital edition) every 5 seconds, then opens your browser as soon as it’s available.

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  • AngularJS - HTML enhanced for web apps!

    Using AngularJS with the Closure Compiler The Closure Compiler project contains definitions for the AngularJS JavaScript in its contrib/externs directory. The definitions contain externs for use with the Closure compiler (aka JSCompiler).

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  • ConsoleMe consolidates the management of multiple AWS accounts into a single interface. It allows your end-users and administrators to get credentials for your different accounts, and allows your users/administrators to manage or request cloud permissions.

    ConsoleMe Check out our documentation and feature videos. ConsoleMe strives to be a multi-account AWS swiss-army knife, making AWS easier for your end-users and cloud administrators. It is designed to consolidate the management of multiple accounts into a single web interface.

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