• Infinitely transfer between every device over pure HTTP: designed for everyone including people using Unix pipe and even for browser users

    Piping Server Infinitely transfer between every device over HTTP/HTTPS Transfer Piping Server is simple. You can transfer as follows. # Send echo 'hello, world' | curl -T - https://ppng.

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  • Open source demo that Next.js developers can clone, deploy, and fully customize for events.

    Virtual Event Starter Kit Demo: https://demo.vercel.events This virtual event starter kit was used to run Next.js Conf 2020, which had almost 40,000 live attendees. It includes the following features:

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  • Node.js library to automate Chromium, Firefox and WebKit with a single API

    ๐ŸŽญ Playwright Documentation | API reference Playwright is a Node.js library to automate Chromium, Firefox and WebKit with a single API. Playwright is built to enable cross-browser web automation that is ever-green, capable, reliable and fast.

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  • Extensible Dev Tools for Monorepos

    What is Nx? ๐Ÿ”Ž Extensible Dev Tools for Monorepos. Nx Helps You Develop like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft Nx helps scale your development from one team building one application to many teams building multiple frontend and backend applications all in the same workspace.

    star:5,348 fork:596
  • Request management and media discovery tool for the Plex ecosystem

    Overseerr is a free and open source software application for managing requests for your media library. It integrates with your existing services such as Sonarr, Radarr and Plex! Current Features Full Plex integration.

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  • Material Design for React Native (Android & iOS)

    Features Follows material design guidelines Works on both iOS and Android following platform adaptation guidelines Full theming support Currently supported React Native version: >= 0.

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  • /getmeli/meli

    How it works Sign-in and create your organization Create a site in your dashboard, say my-site Upload a release with the @getmeli/meli CLI Setup my-domain.com to point to your Meli server at my-site.

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  • Visual Studio Code

    Visual Studio Code - Open Source (“Code - OSS”) The Repository This repository ("Code - OSS") is where we (Microsoft) develop the Visual Studio Code product. Not only do we work on code and issues here, we also publish our roadmap, monthly iteration plans, and our endgame plans.

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  • Node.js Api for Dating App

    Context: https://youtu.be/bfd8RyAJh6c

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  • A secure JavaScript and TypeScript runtime

    Deno Deno is a simple, modern and secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript that uses V8 and is built in Rust. Features Secure by default. No file, network, or environment access, unless explicitly enabled.

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  • This is the repository for the front-end of the NZ COVID Tracer app.

    NZ COVID Tracer This is the repository for the NZ COVID Tracer app. NZ COVID Tracer is a Ministry of Health app that allows you to create a digital diary of places you visit by scanning the official QR codes.

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  • A powerful cross-platform UI toolkit for building native-quality iOS, Android, and Progressive Web Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

    Ionic Framework Ionic Framework is the open-source mobile app development framework that makes it easy to build top quality native and progressive web apps with web technologies. Ionic Framework is based on Web Components and comes with many significant performance, usability, and feature improvements over the past versions.

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  • Lens - The Kubernetes IDE

    Lens | The Kubernetes IDE Lens provides the full situational awareness for everything that runs in Kubernetes. It’s lowering the barrier of entry for people just getting started and radically improving productivity for people with more experience.

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  • Voice Relay server for CrewLink.

    Table of Contents About the Project Docker Quickstart Building the Docker Image Getting Started Prerequisites Installation Contributing License About The Project This is the relay server for CrewLink, an Among Us proximity voice chat program.

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  • Website, docs, and examples. Follow to stay updated about our public Beta.

    Supabase Supabase is an open source Firebase alternative. We’re building the features of Firebase using enterprise-grade open source tools. Hosted Postgres Database Realtime subscriptions Authentication and authorization Auto-generated APIs Dashboard Storage (coming soon) Functions (coming soon) Status Alpha: We are testing Supabase with a closed set of customers Public Alpha: Anyone can sign up over at app.

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  • Your window into the Elastic Stack

    Kibana Kibana is your window into the Elastic Stack. Specifically, it’s a browser-based analytics and search dashboard for Elasticsearch. Getting Started Using a Kibana Release Building and Running Kibana, and/or Contributing Code Documentation Version Compatibility with Elasticsearch Questions?

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  • ๐Ÿ’‹ Manage your ever-growing porn collection. Using Vue & GraphQL

    Porn Vault Manage your ever-growing porn collection There’s a Discord channel! Join in to the discussion: Discord Table of Contents Support Contribute Features Guides Demo images Support

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  • ๐Ÿ“ โ€Ž A web-based notes app for developers. (Demo only)

    Features Plain text notes - take notes in an IDE-like environment that makes no assumptions Markdown preview - view rendered HTML Linked notes - use {{uuid}} syntax to link to notes within other notes Syntax highlighting - light and dark mode available (based on the beautiful New Moon theme) Keyboard shortcuts - use the keyboard for all common tasks - creating notes and categories, toggling settings, and other options Drag and drop - drag a note or multiple notes to categories, favorites, or trash Multi-cursor editing - supports multiple cursors and other Codemirror options Search notes - easily search all notes, or notes within a category Prettify notes - use Prettier on the fly for your Markdown No WYSIWYG - made for developers, by developers No database - notes are only stored in the browser’s local storage and are available for download and export to you alone No tracking or analytics - ‘nuff said GitHub integration - self-hosted option is available for auto-syncing to a GitHub repository (not available in the demo) About TakeNote is a note-taking app for the web.

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